Shower Enclosures

                    Frameless Shower Bypass door

Ideal for tubs and showers with limited space in the bathroom to enter and exit the shower or tub. Design allows for and open and appealing looks because there is less metal. There is no metal around the glass doors themselves. Maintenance is minimal due to the reduction of metal.

                    Framed Shower Bypass door

Ideal for tubs and showers with limited space o enter and exit the shower or tub.  Designed to give more stability and safety to the bypass door.  The complete metal frame around the shower doors provides protection and a more secure feeling in the shower or tub.  Although the safety may be slightly better than the frameless bypass it is harder to maintain because there is more metal on the doors. 


                    Semi-frameless Swing Door

 Ideal for many bathrooms, this gives you a swing open door much like any other door in your home.  The semi-frameless swing door gives a more frameless look and does help with maintenance. 


                    Framed Swing Door

Ideal for almost any bathroom this gives you a swing open door much like any other door in your home.The framed option gives more security to the door and a slightly better seal for water.


                    Frameless Heavy Enclosures

Frameless Heavy shower enclosure is just that, 3\8 or 1\2 inch thick glass. The only metal that is used on the heavy door is the hinges and the handle on the door. Any additional fixed panels that are attached to the door will be installed using clear silicone. Other structural components include our glass header which is a piece of 1\2 inch ogee edged, glass, 2" wide. This shower door provides a stunning and upscale look to any bathroom. This shower door is the easiest to maintain due to the elimination of metal framing.

Custom glass header unique to Glass House customers, designed by Bob Whitlow, SR; fabricated in our Clearwater, Florida facility.


Hydroslide Heavy Bypass Door

The Hydroslide shower enclosure is great for bathrooms with no space for a swinging door.  With little to no metal this can give your shower enclosure a frameless look with great functionability.  It acts like a pocket door with one piece fixed and a door that travels along side of it.  Creating a great look and saving much space.


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