Protective Coatings



                                                When cleaning your new or old shower enclosure we have a range of options to minimize hard water stains on your glass. For our new installations we offer Enduroshield. Which is a product that is applied at our facility and provides a chemical layer of protection against stains and biological buildup that can occur on the glass. Enduroshield comes with a 10 year warranty and does not require the purchase of aftercare or rejuvenation products.  Enduroshield is also available for most tiles and grout, and is applicable to Stainless Steel.


                                                      For everyday cleaning and care of your glass at home we offer Hi-Sheen.  An alcohol based cleaner that is nuetral enough to use on any glass or stainless steel surface.  Also containing a built in wax this makes cleaning of your mirrors much easier as the grime from bathroom use easily wipes away for weeks without reapplication.

For glass and shower fixtures with hard water stains and soap scum biuld up us Bio-clean.  A gritty paste that is worked over the glass and metal surfaces can restore most glass and metal to new appearance.





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